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  • Psychic Development Workshop - 14th Dec, 2014 (Sunday) 10.30am - 1pm.
  • Ascenscion Reiki Level 1 & 2.
  • Healing With the Archangels Part 1 & 2. 

Registrations are open for the following courses. All payments in CASH only.

 Certified Angel Card Reader Course  - by Stella Maria  ATP (Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner)


Learn to connect with your angels and receive Divine Guidance through your intuition and the use of gentle loving Angel cards.

You will learn how to use the cards for your own personal readings to gain insight and understanding in situations in your life and to learn how to discern the meanings and symbols on the cards to develop the confidence and ability to do readings for others.  This will be a fun interactive workshop that will surprise you as to how intuitive a being you really are!

This 3 hour course is the perfect follow up to the 'Introduction to Angels' workshop conducted by Stella on 30th Nov - 1st December, 2014.


09th December, 2014

9 am to 12 noon

Energy Exchange - Dhs. 500/-

Attendees who complete the course requirements will receive  a certificate from Stella Maria.

09th December, 2014

12.30pm - 1.30pm

What is Holotropic Breathwork?

Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful self-healing breathing technique developed by Dr. Stanislov and Christina Grof. Through the use of your breath and deep evocative music and focused energy releasing bodywork, your journey will allow you to access non - ordinary states of consciousness. In these expanded states of awareness your “inner healer” has the ability to access the areas in your cellular memory where healing is needed. Healing is personal to each individual and can happen from the biological (since birth) or the intrauterine (birthing experience) or through the transpersonal (spiritual realms). Holotropic breathwork means ‘moving towards wholeness’.

23rd January,


Venue to be announced

Want to know how to use the full power of your breath, to access the areas in your Cellular Memory where healing is needed?

Join us for the Holotropic Breathwork workshop, on Friday 23rd of January, 2015. Venue to be announced.

 Attend the free awareness talk on 9th December, in Balance Wellness 360?  to learn more...

Please RSVP for this event, and message us for the location.